Fkadu v Toronto Police Services Board et al.

I am representing my client Kibrom Fkadu in his lawsuit against former Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant, Inspector Mike Patterson and the Toronto Police Services Board.

On his way to the Raptors Championship parade in 2019, my client, a black teenager named Kibrom Fkadu, was arrested. He was arrested with a bloody knife in his right hand while wearing one Air Jordan shoe and a sweater with one ripped sleeve. He spent the night in jail missing the parade.

Veteran former Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant and Inspector Michael Patterson claimed to have seen Mr. Fkadu stab a white man several times. Patterson called 911 and reported the stabbing. This supposed white victim ran away from the scene.

An eyewitness by the name of Jabel Moses saw the alleged ‘victim’ and stated that this person did not appear to have any injuries. Mr. Moses was a Canpar delivery driver who witnessed the supposed victim ditching a knife under his delivery truck. The knife was identical in size and shape to the knife that Kibrom had.

Kibrom professed his innocence, but he was nonetheless charged with three offences related to the stabbing and faced up to 14 years in prison.

A trial was set for March 1 of 2021.

Shortly before the trial, I had Kibrom’s blood compared to the blood found on the bloody knife and he received the results on December 7, 2020.

Thanks to the assistance of Detective Richard Petrie of the Toronto Police Service, Michael Lockner of the Ministry of the Attorney General and Monica Sloan of the Ministry of the Solicitor General, my client’s charges were withdrawn on December 8 before trial in large part due to the fact that the DNA result indicated that all of the blood on the knife belonged to my client. In fact, the blood on the knife was 3 trillion times more likely to be Mr. Fkadu’s than anyone else’s on the planet.

In reality, the detectives only saw Mr. Fkadu confronting the white man and asking for his shoe back. They saw the bloody knife and Detective Gallant tackled my client to the ground without warning. My client professed his innocence, but all that they saw was a Black youth with a bloody knife and considered him guilty. Using their supreme veteran detective skills, they figured that he had cut someone. In fairness, they were 100% right.

Kibrom did cut someone. He cut himself.

He cut himself when he wrested the knife away from individuals that were attempting to rob him of his shoes. He was confronting one of these individuals until the moment when Detective Gallant wrestled him to the ground playing hero and Mr. Fkadu’s assailant ran away. There are more pertinent details, but the most important is that Kibrom wants to get his life back together again.

To update, I have been asking the Toronto Police Service to reconsider their
decision to deny Kibrom’s fingerprint and file destruction request. This previous
decision had limited Kibrom’s opportunities despite the fact that he has never
been in trouble with the law. They have directed me to submit an appeal and now
Kibrom has a worker assigned to his file.

Mrs. Enza Silano of Northbound leather was named as someone that spoke to
the police during the investigation on Kibrom’s charges before his charges were
withdrawn. Mrs. Silano had indicated to us that she would assist us if needed.

We are grateful for her assistance and if anyone would like to know more
about the great work that Mrs. Enza Silano and Northbound leather do, please
check out this widely available Financial Post article from 2012.

It highlights the stores popularity due to the impact of the popularity of
the book 50 Shades of Grey and Mrs. Silano’s exuberance at the increase in
sales as a result.

All in all, we are grateful for everyone’s assistance and we look forward to
the truth about this whole matter to eventually come out.

My client had always insisted that he had not stabbed anyone and that he had
been robbed.

As a result we are suing the Toronto Police Service Board and the detectives
for malicious prosecution and infringements to his rights under Ontario’s Human
Rights Code.

Perhaps the Toronto Police thought that I would just let this injustice

I don’t think so, Homie don’t play that.

To date, the Toronto Police Service has denied my client’s application to
remove his fingerprints and destroy his file.

I am holding Kibrom’s card that he gave to me on the day that his charges
were withdrawn.

It says:


Give from the heart

Dream for the future

Change the world

We ask that you like or share
this post in order to assist my client who wrongfully suffered at the hands of
the Toronto Police Service.

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