Payment Options

I operate on a block fee structure. This means that you will be charged an agreed upon fixed rate and not by the hour. We try to keep our rates reasonable.

Right now, I am monthly payment plans, including court appearances until their conclusion. I aim to solve your legal issues as soon as possible. This offer is available for charges such as Assault, Theft & Shoplifting, Uttering Threats, Fail to Comply, Young Offenders charges, Trespass & Mischief etc. and many others.

A block fee provides a client with peace of mind of what services you will be getting from the outset. It allows you to discuss all the important details and concerns you have about your case without worrying about being billed by the minute.

Every case is different and the complexity of different cases vary, so it is best to inquire to our office about your case.

We accept cash, cheque and bank draft for payment.

We also accept Legal Aid.

If you would like to find out more about our rates, contact Pierre Bonsu at 647-760-0166

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