Spring is Here

My client asked me to post this picture of him and myself after he was acquitted via a jury trial in Superior Court. He wants to bring awareness to the plight of the many who are wrongfully arrested. He wanted to show his face, but I advised against it due to the bias that is often perpetrated against the innocent like himself. The bicycle is one that I attempted to lend him in a bid to avoid him walking to the courthouse for his trial. He said that he would only borrow it once he was found not guilty.

He is now getting his life back together again.

I look forward to helping society’s downtrodden and neglected again this spring and summer. I hope to loan out more bicycles free of charge for those caught up in these troubling times with rising transportation costs. I do so because I am always looking to give back to the street!

Fkadu v Toronto Police Services Board et al.

I am representing my client Kibrom Fkadu in his lawsuit against former Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant, Inspector Mike Patterson and the Toronto Police Services Board.

On his way to the Raptors Championship parade in 2019, my client, a black teenager named Kibrom Fkadu, was arrested. He was arrested with a bloody knife in his right hand while wearing one Air Jordan shoe and a sweater with one ripped sleeve. He spent the night in jail missing the parade.

Veteran former Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant and Inspector Michael Patterson claimed to have seen Mr. Fkadu stab a white man several times. Patterson called 911 and reported the stabbing. This supposed white victim ran away from the scene.

An eyewitness by the name of Jabel Moses saw the alleged ‘victim’ and stated that this person did not appear to have any injuries. Mr. Moses was a Canpar delivery driver who witnessed the supposed victim ditching a knife under his delivery truck. The knife was identical in size and shape to the knife that Kibrom had.

Kibrom professed his innocence, but he was nonetheless charged with three offences related to the stabbing and faced up to 14 years in prison.

A trial was set for March 1 of 2021.

Shortly before the trial, I had Kibrom’s blood compared to the blood found on the bloody knife and he received the results on December 7, 2020.

Thanks to the assistance of Detective Richard Petrie of the Toronto Police Service, Michael Lockner of the Ministry of the Attorney General and Monica Sloan of the Ministry of the Solicitor General, my client’s charges were withdrawn on December 8 before trial in large part due to the fact that the DNA result indicated that all of the blood on the knife belonged to my client. In fact, the blood on the knife was 3 trillion times more likely to be Mr. Fkadu’s than anyone else’s on the planet.

In reality, the detectives only saw Mr. Fkadu confronting the white man and asking for his shoe back. They saw the bloody knife and Detective Gallant tackled my client to the ground without warning. My client professed his innocence, but all that they saw was a Black youth with a bloody knife and considered him guilty. Using their supreme veteran detective skills, they figured that he had cut someone. In fairness, they were 100% right.

Kibrom did cut someone. He cut himself.

He cut himself when he wrested the knife away from individuals that were attempting to rob him of his shoes. He was confronting one of these individuals until the moment when Detective Gallant wrestled him to the ground playing hero and Mr. Fkadu’s assailant ran away. There are more pertinent details, but the most important is that Kibrom wants to get his life back together again.

To update, I have been asking the Toronto Police Service to reconsider their
decision to deny Kibrom’s fingerprint and file destruction request. This previous
decision had limited Kibrom’s opportunities despite the fact that he has never
been in trouble with the law. They have directed me to submit an appeal and now
Kibrom has a worker assigned to his file.

Mrs. Enza Silano of Northbound leather was named as someone that spoke to
the police during the investigation on Kibrom’s charges before his charges were
withdrawn. Mrs. Silano had indicated to us that she would assist us if needed.

We are grateful for her assistance and if anyone would like to know more
about the great work that Mrs. Enza Silano and Northbound leather do, please
check out this widely available Financial Post article from 2012.


It highlights the stores popularity due to the impact of the popularity of
the book 50 Shades of Grey and Mrs. Silano’s exuberance at the increase in
sales as a result.

All in all, we are grateful for everyone’s assistance and we look forward to
the truth about this whole matter to eventually come out.

My client had always insisted that he had not stabbed anyone and that he had
been robbed.

As a result we are suing the Toronto Police Service Board and the detectives
for malicious prosecution and infringements to his rights under Ontario’s Human
Rights Code.

Perhaps the Toronto Police thought that I would just let this injustice

I don’t think so, Homie don’t play that.

To date, the Toronto Police Service has denied my client’s application to
remove his fingerprints and destroy his file.

I am holding Kibrom’s card that he gave to me on the day that his charges
were withdrawn.

It says:


Give from the heart

Dream for the future

Change the world

We ask that you like or share
this post in order to assist my client who wrongfully suffered at the hands of
the Toronto Police Service.

Major League Numbers

With the 2021 Criminal Defence season having just kicked off, Pierre Bonsu has picked where he left off after a record breaking season in 2020 where he put up All-Star numbers. Bonsu has had a big impact since he came to the big leagues and aims to continue putting up impressive numbers for all his fans.

Google Reviews *****

Lawyer Ratingz *****

& Many more……….

Giving Back To The Community

Often times during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we at times cannot see the forest for the trees. That is to say that one may be so caught up in trying to help in a professional manner that we don’t stop for the little things. When I was recently approached by J.P. Rodrigues to do a Justice in Pieces interview for the benefit of future Law Society of Ontario legal candidates, I did not hesitate to help. I did not hesitate because I originally got into law in large part to be a stalwart example of social causes in our dear city and to be there for those trying to also be a guiding light for future generations. I was glad to be interviewed by a platform that has also had other renowned lawyers appear such as current Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. However, the platform did not matter as much as the opportunity to wax lyrical about important matters with delightful individuals. For speaking engagements, please call me at my phone number 647-760-0166.

When it comes to giving advice, I don’t just do it on the job but I also do it for the community. Above else, I do it for the streets!

Bonsu Law

He Knows These Streets.

2021 On to the Next One!

This past year, one of my favourite clients compared me to DJ Khaled.

That person, just like all of my clients, is awesome. Thank you to all of my clients for bringing a smile to my face. We accomplished so much in 2020. My apologies for not using this platform more, but I had so much work to do in order to compensate for all of the changes that have happened this year. 2021 is going to be more of the same. Just hard work, that’s all we know right?

‘Working on the weekend, like usual’…..All of that.

Happy 2021 Y’All!

False Accusations

Being falsely accused of harassing someone while birdwatching is something that rarely ever happens, yet these days we are getting accustomed to seeing the extraordinary.

In my experience most false accusations in a public setting revolve around a narrow set of charges that include:


Uttering Threats &

Mischief under $5000

If you have been charged with one of these offences but don’t happen to have video evidence like Ms. Cooper’s namesake Mr. Cooper had, have no fear! Pierre Bonsu has experience with these types of charges and is always available for a free consultation to give the right advice to the street. For more information contact Pierre Bonsu, ‘the People’s Champ’ at tel:6477600166.

The New Normal

While we are still uncertain as to what exactly the ‘New Normal’ will bring, what is certain is that people are still being arrested and facing criminal charges and I am still assisting the street to successfully get through the judicial process. Even though the rates a of violent crimes are certainly going down, there has certainly been an increase in domestic assault charges as people are frequently calling the police to settle arguments that inevitably arise from being stuck 24/7 with others like in a scene from a bad sitcom.


For those with court dates in the Ontario Court of Justice in May 2020, they have been postponed by 10 weeks to the corresponding day in the week. For example, if you had a court date for tomorrow on Friday May 1, your next court date would be Friday, July 10. You do not have to do anything to make this happen and the court will put a bench warrant with discretion on your file and you’ll be expected to appear on the corresponding date. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me at tel:6477600166.

Covid 19/Coronavirus and the Courts

People are still getting arrested and they are still being processed through Ontario’s Courts. If you would like more information regarding charges that you or someone else are facing contact Pierre Bonsu ‘the people’s champ’ at tel:647-760-0166.

Happy Holidays!

I wish everyone some happy holidays and an amazing New Year! I am delighted to have had a successful 2019 running this website. I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of family and friends. But most importantly, I could not have done it without my awesome clients. I have truly met some of the greatest people ever this past year through this website.

Best of luck to everyone in 2020!

Do You Think I’ll Get Bail?

When someone is in remand awaiting a bail hearing at facilities like Maplehurst and Toronto South or at courts such as 1000 Finch in North York, 1911 Eglinton Avenue East in Scarborough or the Brampton court at 7755 Hurontario Street, they most often want to know the chances of them leaving via a bail hearing. Practically speaking, what most don’t realize is that you really only get one shot at it since a bail review is an available but costlier process that requires the court to see a change in circumstances before they would let you out. So if you think that a personal undertaking is unlikely, you’d might want to give it your best shot with a reliable and trustworthy surety who is a Canadian citizen, over 21 and is known as a responsible person (preferably with a job and is sound of mind) and a lawyer that has experience getting people out of these types of jams.

Most people get out on bail since most crimes committed in our criminal justice system are on the lower end of the spectrum in general. What crimes and offences make it the least likely that you will get bail, you ask?

In no particular order, it’s harder to get bail if you:

  • Have been accused of going on a serious crime spree with several (2 or 3) charges that suggest wanton indifference to public safety in a recent time span.
  • You’ve been charged with murder or another major crime (terrorism).
  • You’ve been accused of being associated in gang related activity involving guns.
  • You have failed to appear to court in the past even though you have promised the court that you would.
  • You don’t have a surety to vouch (pledge) some money for you.
  • You are from another province or country and don’t have a surety or you have a surety but they don’t have the money to put up for your behalf.

It’s only in the last case that the court usually asks for money up front. In all other cases save for a personal undertaking, your surety merely pledges to give money on your behalf should you fail to meet the conditions imposed upon you by the court. That being said, a bail hearing is no walk in the park. The prosecutor will do their job to represent the public interest and try their hardest to evaluate the situation as per their experience and while your lawyer will focus and concentrate on the pros to letting you out, the prosecutor will moreso aim for the cons (no pun intended). If you’d like to know about your chances of getting bail, contact Pierre Bonsu…

He Knows These Streets!