Bonsu reviews Bail Reviews

This week at we review two recent bail reviews done in Ontario.

A bail review is a hearing with the ultimate goal of amending or reversing the original bail decision. The original decision may have been a detention or a release order.

First, a bail review that was done in early October 2022 featuring a client who had been in a Toronto jail for a few months due to the fact that he was denied bail. Much like in the film Shawshank Redemption, he thought of many possible ways to get out of jail. Ultimately, he decided that the most efficient way was to call Pierre Bonsu, Advocate For The Streets. A bail review ensued, and he was eventually released at the bail review. This bail review featured many plot twists but was well worth the price of admission.

We here at give this bail review two thumbs up!

Our second bail review of October 2022 occurred later in the month close to the time frame of those scary movies that we’ve gotten used to. However, this bail review had more in common with Leonardo Di Caprio’s Romeo and Juliet romantic film as my client was not allowed to be in contact with his partner much like how the Montagues and Capulets were not allowed to comingle in the aforementioned Shakespeare title. After an entertaining bail review my client’s Romeo was once again allowed to be with his Juliet. It’s not often that Bonsu gets emotional, but I was really happy for this result.

Overall, we here at also give this bail review two thumbs up!

Be sure to check this page for future bail review reviews and be sure to stay out of trouble!

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