Bonsu reviews Bail Reviews

This week at we review two recent bail reviews done in Ontario. A bail review is a hearing with the ultimate goal of amending or reversing the original bail decision. The original decision may have been a detention or a release order. First, a bail review that was done in early October 2022 featuring […]

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Da Chip

Unfortunately, I was in Paris while the Raptors won the NBA Finals, but I got to rep them nonetheless while I was there. My experiences during my trip to France greatly aided my understanding of criminal law and offered a new perspective. I am now back and ready to help those that want to help […]

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Legal Aid Cuts

Doug Ford’s Conservative government has severely slashed the Legal Aid budget in the province of Ontario. This has affected many services that both clients and Legal Aid staff may have taken for granted in the past. As well, it’s clear that less Legal Aid certificates will be issued in the future. The government may be […]

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