The New Normal

While we are still uncertain as to what exactly the ‘New Normal’ will bring, what is certain is that people are still being arrested and facing criminal charges and I am still assisting the street to successfully get through the judicial process. Even though the rates a of violent crimes are certainly going down, there has certainly been an increase in domestic assault charges as people are frequently calling the police to settle arguments that inevitably arise from being stuck 24/7 with others like in a scene from a bad sitcom.


For those with court dates in the Ontario Court of Justice in May 2020, they have been postponed by 10 weeks to the corresponding day in the week. For example, if you had a court date for tomorrow on Friday May 1, your next court date would be Friday, July 10. You do not have to do anything to make this happen and the court will put a bench warrant with discretion on your file and you’ll be expected to appear on the corresponding date. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me at tel:6477600166.

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