Giving Back To The Community

Often times during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we at times cannot see the forest for the trees. That is to say that one may be so caught up in trying to help in a professional manner that we don’t stop for the little things. When I was recently approached by J.P. Rodrigues to do a Justice in Pieces interview for the benefit of future Law Society of Ontario legal candidates, I did not hesitate to help. I did not hesitate because I originally got into law in large part to be a stalwart example of social causes in our dear city and to be there for those trying to also be a guiding light for future generations. I was glad to be interviewed by a platform that has also had other renowned lawyers appear such as current Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. However, the platform did not matter as much as the opportunity to wax lyrical about important matters with delightful individuals. For speaking engagements, please call me at my phone number 647-760-0166.

When it comes to giving advice, I don’t just do it on the job but I also do it for the community. Above else, I do it for the streets!

Bonsu Law

He Knows These Streets.

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